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Draft Faculty Lists for New PGR Surveys for 08-09


I'm now feeling more hopeful that we will be able to complete a new set of PGR surveys for 2008 later this fall.  Accordingly, I'm making available a draft list of faculties for review and correction:  Download pgr_faculty_lists_2008.rtf

A few points that deserve special notice:

1.  Departments are listed alphabetically by name and region (U.S., Canada, U.K., Australasia).

2.  All departments that ranked in 2006 are included here (with the exception of Florida, which has suspended its PhD program).  Faculties surveyed in 2006 that did not score high enough to rank are not included this year, unless changes in the interim seem likely to alter that result.  Several faculties not surveyed recently (or ever before) are included in this round:  Nebraska, UC Santa Cruz, Utah.

3.  If your faculty is not included, and you would like it to be part of the survey, please send me a faculty list (organized like those in the document, above) and I will submit it to the Advisory Board to vote on inclusion.  The criterion for inclusion is that the faculty seems to have a chance to rank in the "top 50" in the US, "the top 15" in the UK, "the top 5" in Australasia, or the "top 5" in Canada.  (In 2006, all departments with scores of 2.2 or higher were ranked--the cut-off for 2008 will likely be similar.)

4.  As in 2006, faculties not included in the survey will still be included in the specialty rankings where appropriate, based either on the 2006 results (assuming no major changes since then) or on the judgment of the Advisory Board.

5.  The category of "affiliated" faculty has been replaced with the cateagory "Cognate Faculty and Philosophers in Other Units," for reasons discussed on the blog this past summer.  Feedback on whether "cognate" faculty are really available for work with philosophy PhD students is especially welcome.

6.  Also very helpful would be information on faculty who are slated to retire at the end of the 2008-09 academic year.

7.  Only faculty at the affected program may post corrections, below.  DO NOT E-MAIL ME CORRECTIONS.  Please post them below, so that efforts will not be duplicated.  Occasionally, there are questions that require some discretion in terms of how to count faculty; for those purposes, faculty may e-mail me.  ONLY SIGNED COMMENTS WILL BE POSTED BELOW.

With luck, we'll finalize the faculty lists in the next few weeks, and be in a position to conduct the surveys by early December, with results on-line come January.  That, in any case, is the optimistic scenario we're aiming for.

Thanks for your help.


Duke U add to faculty list: Jennifer Hawkins

Others with secondary appointments in philosophy: Ruth Grant (political phil), Dale Purves (phil of psych)

Spelling of name in Colorado list:

Kathrin Koslicki


Katherine Koslicki

St Andrews/Stirling: add to faculty list - Philip Ebert, Simon Hope. Sandra Marshall has retired.

Helen Steward is no longer at Oxford; she is now at the University of Leeds.

John Christie has retired and is no longer at the University of Leeds

Please add Philip Ebert to the St Andrews/Stirling list (he's based at Stirling).

At Utah: Jim Tabery has been added to the faculty while Paul Haanstad has retired.

Ohio State: Steve Boer and George Pappas have retired.

George MacDonald Ross will be retiring in September 09.
We will be appointing a further Lecturer this year to start Sept 2009.

Cambridge: Quentin Skinner has retired. Nicholas Treanor has joined Churchill College and Trinity College as a full-time stipendiary College Lecturer (with a Teaching Fellowship at Churchill College). I suppose that he's probably best classified as a "philosopher in other units," though the collegiate composition of Cambridge isn't well captured by that designation.

Michael V. Wedin at UC Davis: Recalled to Service, some teaching and advising

For Rutgers, please add Jules Coleman to our part-time faculty, and Kimberly Kessler Ferzan and Dennis Patterson to our cognate faculty.

Paul Teller at UC Davis: Still taking on new supervisions.

Changes at Warwick:

Darren Ambrose has left. Christine Battersby, Greg Hunt, Roger Trigg and David Miller have all retired.

Further additions not listed are:
- Kai Spiekermann (assistant prof) political philosophy and ethic, LSE PhD
- Guy Longworth (assisstant prof) philosophy of mind and language, PhD London
- Walter Dean (assistant prof), philosophy of maths and logic, PhD Rutgers, also PhD in Computer Sciences from CUNY

Maryland: delete Christopher Cherniak, James Lesher, and Jack Odell from the faculty list (retirement). Delete Robert Fullinwider and Peter Levine from the cognate list, but add Alec Walen and Daniel Levine. Also in that list, Li's given name is mis-spelled: it should be Xiarong, with an "a" in third position.

Northwestern: Charles Taylor has retired (although he may still be teaching at his Canadian university).

UMass: Please add Jonathan Vogel to list of cognate faculty.

For University at Buffalo:

Faculty: Please delete Kenneth Barber, who passed away in summer 2008. Please add Richard Cohen (professor) and Maureen Donnelly (assistant professor).

Cognate faculty: Delete Lee Dryden and Stuart Shapiro.


Faculty: Urquhart has retired. Please change 'Benjamin' Hellie to 'Benj' Hellie.

Cognate faculty: please add Lee Smolin (Perimeter Institute, who has no teaching duties but will be available to supervise grad theses).

Please add Jeremy Snyder to the list of cognate faculty for Simon Fraser.

Joe Ullian has retired from Wash U, I'm sorry to say.

Spelling of name in Alberta list:
Jeffry Pelletier (not Jeffrey Pelletier)

For cognate faculty at Chicago, add Daniel Arnold (Divinity School).

Arizona State University: Two faculty members in the ASU School of Life Sciences should be included on the list of Cognate Faculty and Philosophers in Other Units: Andrew Hamilton and Jason Robert

Michael Menlowe and Peter Lewis have now retired. For cognate faculty, please add Cecile Fabre (Politics) and Emily Brady (Geography).

University of York, UK, Cognate Faculty

In Politics:
Matthew Festenstein, Matt Matravers, Susan Mendus, Jon Parkin, Tim Stanton.

In Economics:
Mozaffar Qizilbash

In History:
David Wootton

As well as regular informal contact through inter-disciplinary research seminars, these cognate faculty members are available for joint supervision of philosophy graduate students through the mechanisms of the Graduate School in Politics, Economics and Philosophy and the Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies.

University of British Columbia: (1) Add Leslie Burkholder to the faculty list. (2) Delete Ted Slingerland from the faculty list. (3) Add the following to the cognate faculty list: Robert Brain, Gordon Christie, Anita Ho, Judy Illes, Adam Morton, Peter Schouls, Ted Slingerland, Steve Taubeneck, John Woods.

Yale: Troy Cross is no longer in the department.

Edinburgh: An update on our cognate faculty. In addition to Emily Brady (Geography) and Cecile Fabre (Politics), please add the following: Douglas Cairns (Classics), Andrew Erskine (Classics), Ayman Shihadeh (Islamic Studies), Simon Trépanier (Classics), David Carr (Education), David Fergusson (Divinity), Keith Stenning (Informatics), Paul Schweizer (Informatics), Zen Bankowski (Law), and Lucas Dixon (Informatics).

Yale: please add Steven Smith to cognate faculty

Princeton: Michael Fara plans to resign on July 1, 2009 to attend medical school. Philip Pettit is actually a member of the Politics Department and the University Center for Human Values. However, in the last three years he generally teaches at least one course per year that is listed in Philosophy, and works with grad students. Though he should technically be listed among “cognate faculty,” that doesn’t really do justice to his very active participation in the Department. Other “cognate faculty” who teach with some regularity in the Department include Victoria McGeer, Peter Singer, Sanj Kulharni, Christian Wildberg, and Edwin Williams. In general, the category of “cognate faculty” doesn’t really capture the close relations we have with a number of faculty with serious philosophical interests outside of the Department.

Johns Hopkins: Please add Maria Merritt and Paul Smolensky as cognate faculty.

Guido Bacciagaluppi is now at Aberdeen, which I assume means he's no longer at Sydney.

For Colorado, please add to the cognate faculty:
Marc Bekoff (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Michaele Ferguson (Political Science), Allan Franklin (Physics), David Mapel (Political Science), Henry Pickford (German), Eckart Schütrumpf (Classics).

Some corrections regarding North Carolina:

Douglas Long is retired; Donald Crawford-Brown is no longer at UNC; Samuel Fillenbaum is retired; Ruel Tyson is retired. Also, John McGowan (in Comparative Literature), Rebecca Walker (in the School of Medicine), and Stuart Rennie (in the School of Dentistry) are all cognate faculty members who are not listed in the current draft.

For Warwick, please add Matthew Clayton (Politics) and Victor Tadros (Law) as cognate faculty.

At the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Michael Root is retired.

William Hanson, Jasper Hopkins, Douglas Lewis are on phased retirement

Please add the following cognate faculty, both of whom serve regularly on graduate committees:

Mark Borrello (History and Philosophy of Biology),

Michel Janssen (History and Philosophy of Physics).

Update from the University of Sydney

Katie Steele is no longer at Sydney (she's now at the LSE)
Bruin Christensen is no longer at Sydney (he's now at ANU)
Joseph Berkovitz is no longer at Sydney (he's now at Toronto)
Stephen Gaukroger is full-time at Sydney (not half-time as reported elsewhere)
Ben Blumson is currently at Sydney but will shortly be taking up a position in Singapore
Guido Bacciagaluppi is currently at Sydney but will shortly be moving to Aberdeen

The following (listed as part-time) are full-time posdoctoral fellows and involved in graduate supervision and teaching: Paolo Diego Bubbio, Owen Maroney, Luca Moretti

Add to regular faculty list: Kristie Miller, Karola Stotz

Add to (full-time) postdoc list: Rachael Briggs, Creagh Cole, Aidan Lyon, Anik Waldow, Zach Weber, Hans Westman, John Wilkins, Charles Wolfe

Add to part-time list: Patrick Greenough, Kevin Scharp, Lionel Shapiro

Given the large number of postdocs in Australia and since postdocs do participate in both teaching and supervision in the graduate programs here, it would be a good idea to introduce a special category for postdocs (rather than misleadingly listing them as part-time faculty).

Add to Cognate Faculty list at Calgary: Stuart Kauffman

Revisions to Lists:

Cognate Faculty and Philosophers in Other Units: Donald Ipperciel, Joseph Buijs, David Kahane, Janet Wesselius.

Emeritus Faculty Still Doing Some Teaching & Supervision: Allen Carlson (half-time post-retirement contract); Jeffrey Pelletier (half-time post-retirement contract), *Martin Tweedale.

Reasons for Changes:

(1) Allen Carlson and Jeff Pelletier are emeriti who have extended half-time post-retirement contracts with responsibilties for graduate supervision and 1/2 time teaching

(2) Martin Tweedale will be over 70.

(3) Donald Ipperciel and Janet Wesselius are philosophers in the Faculte Saint-Jean and Augustana Faculty respectively.

Also regarding North Carolina: James Lesher (who has recently retired from the University of Maryland, College Park) should be added to the faculty list.

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