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Draft Faculty Lists for Fall 2006 PGR: May 31 Version

I'm uploading a new version, and creating a new comments section (no anonymous posts--and post your corrections here, please don't e-mail me, unless it is a confidential matter), of the draft faculty lists for the fall 2006 PGR surveys: Download pgr_faculty_lists_for_2006.doc .  Please read the intro material carefully.

Two points to note in this version:

First, faculty holding "research fellowships" but with no teaching or supervision duties are not included in the faculty lists.  In general, the faculty lists include only tenure-stream or tenured faculty (or the equivalent), though an exception is made for lecturer-type appointments that extend for five years or are de facto permanent appointments.

Second, the attempt to employ a "bright-line" rule on emeritus faculty produced meritorious objections given the variety of employment schemes universities employ.  In some rare cases, then, faculty will be listed as "Emeritus/emerita Faculty with Some Supervision & Teaching Duties."  Evaluators will presumably discount for these faculty as they think warranted.  And only emeritus/emerita faculty with multi-year contracts involving graduate teaching and supervision duties are eligible to be so listed.

There will be one more opportunity in late August to update the faculty lists.  I will move the draft lists to the front at that time.  The Advisory Board will be polled in June regarding additions of faculties to the lists.


Illinois/Chicago Marya Schechtman (who is in bold in the current list) has declined her outside offer and will be remaining at UIC.

I've accepted a 3yr research fellowship at ANU/RSSS and I'm scheduled to be there from March '07 to September '09. I expect to be involved in teaching/supervision in much the same way as Adam Pautz, Andy Egan, Laurie Paul, et al.

Please add Louis-Philippe Hodgson to full-time faculty at York University, Canada.

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