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Tenure-Track Hiring by Philosophy Departments, 2007-2008, Part II

MOVING TO FRONT from April 7


The initial thread (started February 8) on new junior hires and post-docs grew too long, so I am starting a new thread for additional postings.  Here, again, are the instructions:


It's that time of year again...I am opening comments on this thread for people to post news about junior, tenure-track hires in philosophy departments, i.e., hires made during this year of new assistant professors who will be starting in fall 2008 (or thereafter).  (For schools outside the US, please list new Lecturers who are on presumptively permanent appointments--not temporary lecturers.)  Like last year, you may also post information about post-doc appointments, since there are an increasing number of those in philosophy, many quite attractive.  No anonymous posts will be allowed. The candidates themselves, dissertation advisors, placement directors, department chairs, or faculty members involved with the hiring or the placement of the candidate may all post information.  No hearsay, however:  you must have first-hand knowledge of the placement.  (Please e-mail me about any errors.)

The format of the postings should be as follows:  candidate's name (name of PhD-granting school) hired by [name of school].  AOS: ________; any prior positions (e.g., a postdoc, a lectureship, a visiting asst prof position).  In the case of a post-doc, it should say not 'hired by' but 'post-doc at' [name of school].

Here's an example (fictional):

John Smith (Chicago) hired by Kenyon College.   AOS:  19th-Century Philosophy.  Previously Visiting Assistant Professor at Marquette University.

Remember:  tenure-track jobs and postdocs only.  I'll move this thread to the front at various intervals until it looks like the hiring season has wound down.  Please post only once; postings should appear within 24 hours


Bryce Huebner (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill) post-doc at the Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts University; visiting member of the Cognitive Evolution Laboratory, Harvard University. AOS: Philosophy of mind and Philosophy of psychology.

James Rocha (UCLA) hired by Louisiana State University. AOS: Kant's Moral and Political Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Race.

Elizabeth Foreman (UNC Chapel Hill) hired by Saint Louis University. AOS: Ethics.

Eric Roark (University of Missouri) hired by Millikin University. AOS: Social & Political, Applied Ethics.

Anton Tupa (University of Florida) hired by Saginaw Valley State University. AOS: ethics, health care ethics. Previously Visiting Assistant Professor at Auburn University.

Dilip Ninan (MIT) post-doc at University of St. Andrews. AOS: philosophy of language, metaphysics, philosophy of mind. Also had offer from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Jonathan Ichikawa (Rutgers) post-doc at University of St. Andrews. AOS: Epistemology.

Kevan Edwards (Rutgers) hired by Syracuse University. AOS: philosophy of mind, philosophy of language. Previously tenure-track at the University of Kansas.

Derek Ball (Texas) post-doc at University of St. Andrews, Arche. AOS: philosophy of mind. Also had offers from Western Ontario, Cambridge and Cornell (post-doc).

Ben Ryder (Texas) hired by University of Central Arkansas. AOS: ancient philosophy

Larry James (Syracuse) hired by Eastern Kentucky University. AOS: Ethics.

Chad Kautzer (Stony Brook University) hired by University of Colorado Denver. AOS: Social and Political, Critical Theory

Daniel Morgan (Oxford) Junior Research Fellowship at New College, University of Oxford. AOS: philosophy of language; philosophy of mind.

Neil Sinhababu (Texas) hired by the National University of Singapore. AOS: Ethics.

Brian Woodcock (UC-Irvine) hired by University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. AOS: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics. Currently Visiting Assistant Professor at Carleton College; previously Rotman Post-doctoral Fellow in Philosophy of Science at University of Western Ontario.

Scott Stapleford (University of Western Ontario) hired by St. Thomas University (New Brunswick). AOS: History. Previously Senior Lecturer at University of Witwatersrand.

Jamie Kelly (Boston University) hired by Vassar College. AOS: Political Philosophy

Robert Briscoe (Boston University) hired by Ohio University. AOS: Philosophy of Mind/Cognitive Science. Previously tenure-track at Loyola University New Orleans.

Timothy W. Kirk (Villanova) hired by the City University of New York-York College. AOS: Healthcare Ethics, Philosophy of Nursing. Previously Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Villanova University.

Jay Newhard (Brown) hired by East Carolina University. AOS: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Logic, Philosophy of Logic. Currently Visiting Assistant Professor at John Carroll University.

James Snyder (CUNY) hired by Marist College. AOS: Early Modern and Renaissance Philosophy.

Yuval Avnur (NYU) hired by Scripps College. AOS: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind & Language
Anne Barnhill (NYU) post-doc at Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, Harvard, and the next 2 years, the Greenwall Fellowship Program in Bioethics and Health Policy. AOS: Ethics, Applied Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Social Philosophy
Sharon Hewitt (NYU) post-doc at Brandeis University. AOS: metaethics, normative ethics
Matt Kotzen (NYU) hired by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. AOS: Epistemology, Philosophy of Science
Anna-Sara Malmgren (NYU) hired by University of Texas at Austin. AOS: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind
Karl Schafer (NYU) hired by University of Pittsburgh. AOS: Ethics, Epistemology, History of Modern Philosophy, Kant

Carol Hay (Ohio State) hired by University of Massachusetts, Lowell. AOS: Ethics, Feminist Theory. Currently Lecturer at Bryn Mawr College.

Kenny Easwaran (Berkeley, Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science) hired by USC. AOS: Formal Epistemology, Phil of Math.

Farid Masrour (Arizona), post-doc at NYU (Bersoff Fellowship). AOS: Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Cognitive Science.

Tracy Lupher (Texas) hired by James Madison University. AOS: Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science

Paul Katsafanas (Harvard) hired by the University of New Mexico. AOS: Moral Philosophy; Philosophy of Action; Nietzsche.

Paul Livingston (UC Irvine) hired by the University of New Mexico. AOS: History of 20th Century Philosophy; Phenomenology. Previously Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Villanova University.

Yitzhak Melamed (Yale) hired by Johns Hopkins University. AOS: Early Modern; German Idealism; Metaphysics. Currently Assistant Professor, University of Chicago.

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